Who We Are

The Wilson Group is a locally owned Real Estate firm designed to give Realtors a HOME for their Real Estate business. Our belief is that one-size-fits-all models are obsolete, and we want to be able to change the typical brokerage mentality, by offering you the opportunity and freedom to manage your business YOUR way!

Gladly serving Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas, we are always looking to welcome new members that may be a fit for our team. With The Wilson Group, you will not be just another agent on an office roster, you are part of our team!

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What Makes Us Different?


We give you the freedom to manage and operate your business how YOU see fit! Are you looking to start a team? Do you want to handle rentals only? Want to only work with buyers? There are numerous scenarios or niche markets you may be interested in. At The Wilson Group, you can explore what works best for your career in Real Estate!


At The Wilson Group, agents are not just a name on a roster, but rather a team member. Our team members provide top-notch support to help one another succeed in the Real Estate world. Whether you need assistance with a transaction or one-on-one support, The Wilson Group is there every step of the way!

Work Environment

We have created a family-like environment at the Wilson Group! Together, we have worked to create a standard in the real estate industry with our professionalism, constant communications with our clients, and always striving to improve. We also love to have a great time outside of work through team building and networking.

Join Our Team

We are always looking to add new talent to The Wilson Group team. Whether you’re a new agent, an experienced agent or looking to get licensed, we can assist through every stage of your career. Which stage are you in?

New Agents

You are on your way to start your start your career in Real Estate! Now that you have passed your real estate course and exams, you will need to choose a real estate firm. We take the time to sit down with you, discuss your goals, as well as our goals to see if we are a match. Additionally, we will help guide you in questions you should be asking during your interviews with any firm, as well as things that may be important to you.  

As a new agent, you will need more attention in the beginning, and with that, you will benefit from a having a partner with you for first several transactions to coach you A-Z of the necessary and required steps of the transaction. For new agents at The Wilson Group,  it is required the first three transactions be with your coaching partner. This allows you to learn directly from your coaching partner how to handle the tasks that arise from the transactions.

Our goal is to empower you to run your business while being the best Realtor you can be!

New Agents
Experienced Agents

Experienced Agents

If you are an experienced agent, we would love to work with you! At The Wilson Group, experienced agents have the freedom to manage their business, their way. You have the power to work with first-time home buyers, rentals, any niche market you wish to focus on. We also offer virtual based systems that allow our team members to work from home, on vacation or wherever they see fit.

In addition to virtual based systems, we also have office space where our team can come to get work done, conduct meetings with clients or other team members, and more. The Wilson Group provides a Transaction Coordinator at no additional charge that handles the administrative side of the Real Estate business so you can spend more time focusing on your clients and less time on paperwork ensuring settlement companies and lenders are on track to make the closing date, and more. We look forward to working with you at The Wilson Group!

Get Licensed

Now is a great time to get licensed and begin your Real Estate career! The next step is to complete 60 hours of a Board-approved Principles of Real Estate Pre-Licensed Course. If you are interested in taking the Pre-Licensed Course online, we recommend reFocus Real Estate! reFocus also offers exam prep so you are prepared for the national and state exams required to sell Real Estate.

Once you have passed your Real Estate exams, you can start interviews with firms to make sure you find the best place to start your career. At The Wilson Group, we offer an in-depth meet and greet with potential team members to make sure we are a fit for each other. If you choose us, we work with you to complete your required licensing documents. While we are waiting for your license application to be completed with DPOR (Real Estate Board), we will work with you on office orientation, getting your business foundation established, and more!

Get Licensed



No more emailing  your contracts to the office. Simply log on, create your transaction, upload the required documents and log off. It’s that simple!


Because The Wilson Group believes and encourages working smarter, not harder, we offer transaction coordinator services. Our transaction coordinator services include contract review for compliance, ordering home warranties, getting contracts to all parties, ensuring settlement companies & lenders are on track to make the closing date, & much more!


Market your listings through every stage from Just Listed, Pending, Open House, and even Just Sold with instant campaigns for your blog and social media. Using this platform, you can also create your very own landing pages designed specifically for generating leads. Listings To Leads subscription required


Because we understand that everyone learns differently, and may have specialized training needs, we cater to you specifically. When you need something, simply schedule a one on one and bring your topics of interest to discuss.


This is a no-brainer right? As a team member of The Wilson Group, you will enjoy a free agent website that you can customize to fit your business model, design to capture leads and build your online presence. This website is also responsive meaning that no matter where your clients view your site, whether, on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they will have the same experience to view and search for homes.


In this business, time is money. If you have experienced in the past, or currently experiencing a lack of support from your Broker, then you are not alone. In fact, one of the reasons for an agent’s frustration we hear the most is lack of support from an agent’s Broker, or manager. We pride ourselves in always responding in a timely fashion to provide the support you need. The Broker is always a phone call, email, or text away.

  • Competitive, straight to the point, commission plan
  • E & O Insurance is covered for all team members
  • Hybrid business model with modern office space, with virtual systems
  • Branded Listings on
  • Co-Branded marketing materials, and promotional items provided by our preferred Lender
  • Fun, team work, & family atmosphere
  • Fast turnaround time with commission direct deposit processing
  • Earnest Money Deposits processed electronically

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